We help you to have a
strong foundation in martial arts

Welcome and congratulations on your decision to explore Karate at Middle East Karate Academy. Our mission is to guide the society to a healthier life style by spreading awareness. Karate training will influence every aspects of your life, making you more relaxed, and giving you the energy and focus necessary to accomplish your goals - at home, work and school.

There may be many reasons
why you might want to
learn Karate.

In fact, Karate is a journey. For some, the journey is short; maybe their goal is to acquire their Black Belt or to learn some self defense skills. For others, the journey lasts a lifetime and becomes a journey of self realization. Karate encourages you to challenge your physical and mental capabilities, promotes healthy life style, builds confidence, discipline, dedication, motivation and strength of character

Stengthen your
body & Mind

At Middle East Karate Academy, every student is considered as a unique individual and they can progress at their own pace. Sensei Fayad (5th Dan), with more than 23 years of training, has developed a well structured curriculum which will truly help you to have a strong foundation in martial arts. Join us and start feeling the difference from the very first work out.