What are the checklist to find out a good Karate training centre?
  • Do they have experienced instructors to handle multi cultured students?
  • Are they affiliated with any local or global Karate organization?
  • Do they behave politely and with a respectable manner?
  • Do they have an organized training schedule?
  • Are they on time in starting and ending sessions?
  • Do they communicate with students properly and positively?
  • Are they able to cheer up students with occasional humor?
  • Do they advice students about respect, obedience, self esteem, discipline etc?
  • Do they advice students to respect other teachers, martial arts and training centers?
  • Are their certificates recognized globally?
  • Do they allow watching a session with prior appointment?
  • Do they give a trail session free of charge?
  • Do all the students wear uniform?
  • Is the training session disciplined?
  • Is the training hall safe and spacious?
  • Is the office and training hall well maintained?
  • Do they have changing room, rest rooms etc?
  • After all, do you feel safe and comfortable when you are in the training centre?
  • You are at the right place if you get a "Yes" for these questions
What is the minimum age to start a session and why?

There are multiple opinions on this. At Middle East Karate Academy, we accept children from 5 years of age. It is because a student must be physically developed and mentally matured to go through various training regimes included in our curriculum. There is no upper age limit.

Does Karate training affect the height of a student?

It is a common misconception that allowing children to practice Karate from a young age will reduce their height. This impression came into existence many years ago when Martial arts started to spread around the world. Most of the famous and successful martial arts teachers belong to countries such as China, Japan and Korea. Geographically people in these areas are shorter than the people in the west. Film stars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet li who played a big role in spreading martial arts through their films are also short. That is the reason for this widely spread misconception.

What is the difference between Karate and Martial Arts?

'Martial Art' is a general term to represent all traditional fighting arts. Martial arts are being practiced around world for many reasons such as self defense, competition, physical fitness, spiritual development etc. Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Jujitsu etc are some of the most popular martial arts today.

Are there girls in session? Is Karate good for girls?

We provide separate batches for children (boys and girl) and we also have a separate batch exclusively for ladies. All these sessions will be undertaken by our instructors but there will be one of our lady staffs to help you in "Ladies only" batches.

Karate is an ideal sport for girls to develop confidence. Even though we live in UAE, one of the safest places for ladies, it is not the same everywhere. There are many places where girls and ladies are being attacked and molested. Karate training provides them various techniques to defend themselves from physical attacks. It makes them ready for “Fight or Flight”, means they will either fight back or at least they will be able to run away from the scene without losing presence of their mind.

What is the medium of communication at your training centre?

Staffs and Instructors communicate only in English. We train multi cultured and multi national students and in order to communicate effectively with all groups of people, we use a common platform of communication. Occasionally we use Japanese words as part of technical vocabulary

What is the experience of your chief instructor?

SENSEI FAYAD (5th Dan Black belt) is in the field of martial arts since 1990. He has trained a handful of students from different nationalities both in India and UAE. He has undergone training in India, UAE, Sri Lanka and Malaysia and holds good relation with many top ranking karate teachers from around the world.

How long does it take to get promoted to a higher level belt?

There is no standard duration. It depends on a student’s performance, discipline and attendance. But on average, the first promotion from White belt to Yellow belt may take around 4 months. A student has to undergo a “Grading examination” to be eligible for promotion

What is belt order in Karate?

Different schools choose different belt order. At Middle East Karate Academy, we use the following pattern for belt promotion

9th Kyu White
8th Kyu Yellow
7th Kyu Green
6th Kyu Blue
5th Kyu Purple
4th Kyu Brown 4
3rd Kyu Brown 3
2nd Kyu Brown 2
1st Kyu Brown 1
1st Dan Black 1
2nd Dan Black 2
3rd Dan Black 3
How can I be a member of your training centre?

You need to fulfill 3 conditions to get a membership. 1) You should be at least 5 years of age on the day of registration 2) You should be able to communicate in English 3) If you are a minor (below 18 years), you should be accompanied by your parent to complete registration procedures. If you fulfill these conditions, you can walk in to our office, fix a training schedule, fill in the registration form, make necessary payment, collect your uniform and you are done. Meanwhile you can also use our online registration form available in our website to speed up the registration procedures. Those who register online should finalize your registration by making necessary payment at our office within 3 days.

Do you have discount scheme?

We provide you a variety of discount options to suit your needs.

  • 10% family discount on training fee for immediate family members
  • 10% discount when you pay for 3,4,5 months in advance
  • 15% discount when you pay for 6,7,8,9 months in advance
  • 20% discount when you pay for 10,11,12 months in advance
Is there any chance of getting injury during the training?

We have planned our curriculum to minimize the risk of getting injury. Students are kept under strict discipline and are taken through routine warming up sessions before practicing any quick actions. Instructors are trained to take extreme caution while dealing with difficult exercises and moves. In terms of occasional physical injury; as it is there in any other sports, Karate is not an exemption.

Do you provide transportation?

Yes we do. Please contact our office to see whether the service is available to your location

Is it important to wear a Karate uniform during the session?

Yes it is. One of the major aspects of Karate is discipline and a uniform is a part of general discipline. Moreover wearing a uniform makes your self feel part of the training group.

Am I too old to start?

Certainly not. Karate is for anyone and everyone. You may not be able to perform the physical performance as good as a youngster. But as a mature person, you can definitely go to a deeper level in terms of understanding the philosophy of the art.

I have trained in another Karate Club and hold a green belt. Am I able to continue in the same belt?

As a general practice, we respect any Karate certificate issued by any school. But if you need to continue in the same belt, you need to undergo an evaluation session to test your physical and mental capabilities. If you can display a reasonable performance we will be happy to register you in your present belt. Otherwise our instructors will let you know which belt we can register you in as per our standard. But we will not register anyone directly to black belt rank. This is a general practice done by almost all martial arts schools.

Why us?

There may be many reasons why you might want to learn Karate. In fact, Karate is a journey. For some, the journey is short; maybe their goal is to acquire their Black Belt or to learn some self defense skills. For others, the journey lasts a lifetime and becomes a journey of self realization. Karate encourages you to challenge your physical and mental capabilities, promotes healthy life style, builds confidence, discipline, dedication, motivation and strength of character


Stengthen your
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At Middle East Karate Academy, every student is considered as a unique individual and they can progress at their own pace. Sensei Fayad (5th Dan), with more than 23 years of training, has developed a well structured curriculum which will truly help you to have a strong foundation in martial arts. Join us and start feeling the difference from the very first work out.